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The mission of the Naval Militia Association is to:

1. To promote membership in the Naval Militia among eligible members of the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard Reserve.

2. To increase support for the programs and policies of the Commander of the State Naval Militia and The Adjutant General, and for the militia generally, both within and independent of the State and Federal budget processes.

3. To support programs by which the Naval Militia might enhance the security of the State and of the United States.

4. To launch and sustain a nationwide informational and educational campaign to convince the United States, and every state, that the creation/reinstitution of a Naval Militia (and concurrently to convince the Congress and the President that the maintenance of the United States Naval and Marine Corps and Coast Guard Reserve) is a good and necessary public policy.

5. To promote closer cooperation among US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Coast Guard, US Naval Reserve, US Marine Corps Reserve, US Coast Guard Reserve, Anny National Guard, Air National Guard, State Guard and the Naval Militia(s) and with related organizations and associations.

6. To promote/support naval education (e.g., US Naval Academy, Maritime Colleges, US Merchant Marine and Coast Guard Academies, military colleges (with ROTC), NROTC, PLC, NJROTC, Sea Cadets and Young Marines.

7. To expand the scope and base of the Naval Militia Association as a professional and veteran's organization.

8. To increase the public's knowledge and appreciation of the contributions of the Naval Militia and of the Naval Militia Association in the service of the United States of America and the States, and to increase public appreciation for the history of our Naval Service.

9. To promote fellowship and benefits, awards and recognition among past and present members of the Naval Militia.

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