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The Naval Militia Association evolved from the founding of the Naval Reserve Association of New York whose object in 1891 was to create a State Militia and a National Naval Reserve. In 1912 their state mission having been accomplished a Veteran Association of the First Battalion NYNM to perpetuate and preserve the spirit of its members and further their aims, changed and reincorporated with a name change.

These Associations prospered. The Militia was activated in 1891, the Reserve in 1916. They had concurrent existence, if your state had an organized Militia recognized by the Navy through its Naval Militia Bureau. It recognized the authority of the Governor of each state in the command of his forces as long as it operated within the guidelines not inconsistent with purposes of regular services. Inspector/ Instructors of the Regular Navy functioned as their mentors.

Circa 1950 the Navy Department disestablished the Naval Militia Bureau. The options/privileges no longer applied. One reason why it came about was that NY State apparently did not oppose the Navy's move, another, the State did not spell out what the mission of a sea component as a naval/military force would be both from a local or federal point of view.

Federal and most state constitutions provide for a militia, however each has its own mission, some of which are similar and not congruent to both.

WWII mobilization began in October 1940 with militia units being ordered to the ships they had been trained to man. The same for Berlin and Korea. The Gulf was otherwise yet effective for a limited operations. What would happen today? The flood of those ordered to gaining commands would be en route, to who knows where a deployed ship will be if still afloat and if the travel situation CONUS is operating on time.

A functional state militia with hardware supplied by the US Government trained and ready to move as in the past on or the day Congress or the Commander-in-Chief in Washington or Albany has a national state catastrophe sounds GQ.

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